Our Story

In 2015, Soap Square was born out of the heartfelt journey of a mother-daughter duo, Mahima and her mother. Their story began with a shared passion for cooking and a deep knowledge of ingredients passed down through generations. As they bonded over the art of blending flavors, they realized their love for natural ingredients could transcend the kitchen and weave into something more meaningful.

In the kitchen, as they created delicious concoctions, they felt a sense of nourishment and joy. The idea struck them, "Why not infuse this same magic into skincare, haircare, and bath products?" And thus, Soap Square was conceived with an emotional purpose in mind - to offer products that truly cared for people, just as they cared for each other.

Their journey began with handmade gifts, crafted with love and care, which they shared with friends and family. The response was overwhelming - everyone felt an emotional connection to these heartfelt creations. Encouraged by the love they received, they decided to spread this joy far and wide, reaching out to people across the world.

Soap Square's brand story embodies the essence of heartfelt connections, where every product is crafted with love and carries a piece of their shared passion. As they touch lives with their natural formulations, they aim to solve the problem of “Irritants” and “Synthetic” in daily skincare routines.

Today, Soap Square stands tall, not just as a skincare and haircare brand, but as a symbol of love and togetherness. Their journey continues to be fueled by the desire to nurture, uplift, and make people feel cherished, one beautiful creation at a time. It is not just a brand, but a reflection of the warmth and care that only a mother-daughter bond can bring - a love story that continues to unfold in every Soap Square product.